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Curriculum Vitae

Grigoriy F. Masich



Data of Birth: September 11, 1947.
Place of Birth: Zholymbet, Kazakhstan, USSR.
Marital Status: marrid, two children (born 1973 and 1977).


Senior Resercher, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics
Candidate of Technical Sciences (computer network),
RAS Informatics & Automatition Institute, St.Petersburg,
Thesis title: "Telecommunication systems of terminal network".
1969 - 1971
Testing Engineer, Lieutenant, Kapustin Yar.
1964 - 1969
Student, Perm Polytechnic Institute (Automatics & Telemechanics Department).
1954 - 1964
Pupil, Zholymbet Seconndary School, Kazakhstan.


1980 - up now
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences,
(Telecommunication & Information Systems Laboratory head).
1995 - up now
Perm State Technical University,
(associate professor, Computer & Automation Control Chair).
1971 - 1979
Perm Politechnic Institute,
(1971 - 1973 engineer, 1973 - 1979 head of computer group).
1969 - 1971
Kapustin Jar Poligon,
(Testing Engineer, Lieutenant).

Positions held:

Head of
Telecommunication & Information Systems Laboratory, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, UralBranch, RAS.
Associate professor for Computer Network,
Computer & Automatic Control Chair, Perm State Technical University.
Representative for
Information and Computer Network Project, RAS UB.
Representative for Regional & Technical Committee of Ural Region.
Project EmNet/NIS/Phase II - 4.4


Over 22 articles.
Communications architecture of terminal network. Proceeding of the All-Union Conference: Further development projects annd operating experiece of highly efficient computer complexes. Dnepropetrovsk (in Russian), 1989, pp.23-30.
Information model for packet switching node of terminal network. Reports of the ALL-Union Conference: Packet switching of computer networks "KOMPAC-89". Riga, 1989, pp.301-305.
Y.I.Kuzyakin, G.F.Masich.
Computer comlexation in the regional network "Urals" of "Academnetwork". Book of Papers "Regional information-computer network of the Urals Branch of RAS". Sverdlovsk, 1990, 7p.

Research interests:

Telecommunication & Information Systems; Computer network; Electronic publications; Parallel computing architecture.


Address:Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics,
Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences,
1, Acad. Korolev St., Perm, 614061, Russia
Phone: +7 3422 39-13-21

Grigoriy F. Masich

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