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Testing laboratory

In view of the RF Government Decree № 1013 of 13 August, 1997 and the RF State Standard Service Resolution № 5 of 23 February 1998 on certification of building materials and constructions, the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics conducts certification tests (Accreditation certificate № GOST RU 9001.6.2.0042, registered in the State Standards on 18 January 1999), in the volume provided by the appropriate State Standards and Normative documents. In accordance with the area of accreditation, the certification tests are performed for the following materials and constructions:

  • wooden constructions;
  • window blocks and thermopanes;
  • wall materials (bricks; ceramic and silicate stones);
  • roofing, moisture-proof and sealing materials;
  • mastics;
  • sealing polymeric pads;
  • thermal insulation materials;
  • decoration and facing materials;
  • polymeric pipes;
  • mobile buildings and compartments

The laboratory is equipped with a climate chamber for testing materials and structures at temperatures as low as -50oC and devices for determining the mechanical and operating characteristics of materials and structures. The laboratory provides all tested materials and constructions with appropriate certificates.

For more information please contact:

  • (342) 327-83-17 Kovrov Vladimir Nikolaevich (head testing laboratory);
  • (342) 237-84-87 fax.

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