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Possible application of magnetic paints for providing extra protection of state papers against forgery

Magnetic paints are complex colloidal ferromagnetic solutions. Depending on manufacturing method, the basic physical properties of these paints (viscosity, magnetization, evaporability) vary widely – by several orders of magnitude. Colloidal particles in a solution are very small in size (centimicrometer) and can easy penetrate into almost any porous material, including paper. Magnetic paints are different from other fine-disperse ferromagnetics not only by the small sizes of particles but by a special response to the external magnetic field. Symbols and characters made with them can be easily identified by probes exhibiting excitation fields of special shape and amplitude, which have no effect on other ferromagnetic particles and, obviously, on ordinary paints). Magneto-sensitivity paints can be manufactured from various materials, yet the characteristics of these paints will be an order of magnitude poorer than the characteristics of the proposed magnetic paint. The production technology of high-performance magnetic paints is ICMM’s “know-how”.

The results of qualitative experiments have demonstrated that magnetic paints can be used to provide increased security of state papers. Further research in this field could benefit from the relations with interested organizations ready for sponsorship. During investigations, it is supposed to solve the following tasks:

  1. Creation of magnetic paints based on liquids used for typographic and printing systems.
  2. Comprehensive comparison between original magnetic paints and conventional magneto-sensitive substances, including hypothetical ones.
  3. Development of the prototype of a controlling device. The optimal design of the controlling device is supposed to find by examining different versions of the device.
  4. Production and testing of the prototype.
Magnetic paints are expensive to manufacture. The estimated cost of production of magnetic paints is five thousand rubles per liter. However, in spite of such high price of the paint, the increase in the cost of the finished product per one document (for a basic standard sheet 0.1 mm thick and the area of marks of 2 cm2) does not exceed 10copecks and therefore hardly changes the prime cost of the product.

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