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2012, Vol.5, 2
Evolutionary model of the plane plastic flow of a material with allowance for inertial forces (P. 127 - 133)
Annin B.D., Ostapenko V.V., Chesnokov A.A.
Short wave dynamics of thin plates (P. 134 - 143)
Ilgamov M.A.
Algorithms for construction and refinement of unstructured quadrangle meshes on multiconnected domains (P. 144 - 150)
Karavaev A.S., Kopysov S.P., Ponomarev A.B.
Numerical model of solid-phase precipitation in a two-temperature fluid-saturated viscous medium (P. 151 - 157)
Pak V.V.
Mathematical methods in the theory of pure bending of rectangular beams made of weakening material with symmetric stress-strain diagram (P. 158 - 167)
Struzhanov V.V., Bakhareva E.A.
Application of the multipole expansion method to evaluation of the stress state of an infinite elastic plane containing several circular holes (P. 168 - 177)
Mokryakov V.V.
The mechanical behavior and elastic response of a non-uniformly swollen cylindrical sample of polymer gel with axisymmetrical distribution of a solvent (P. 178 - 183)
Salikhova N.K., Denisyuk E.Y.
Numerical investigation of some unsteady regimes of natural convection in a rotating spherical shell (P. 184 - 192)
Gorelikov A.V., Ryakhovsky A.V., Fokin A.S.
Influence of rotation on cascade processes in helical turbulence (P. 193 - 198)
Shestakov A.V., Stepanov R.A., Frick P.G.
Large-eddy simulation of the turbulent diffusion flame (P. 199 - 207)
Shumikhin A.A., Karpov A.I.
Numerical modeling of ventilation process and thermal status of the noise-heat protective housing of a gas-turbine plant on parallel computers (P. 208 - 216)
Trusov P.V., Charntsev D.A.
The numerical analysis of cracks development under nonuniform settlements of a construction (P. 217 - 224)
Bartolomey M.L.
Influence of effective medium permeability on stability of a two-layer system "pure fluid-porous medium" under high-frequency vibrations (P. 225 - 232)
Kolchanova E.A., Lyubimov D.V., Lyubimova T.P.
Finite-element algorithms for calculation of natural vibrations of three-dimensional shells (P. 233 - 243)
Lekomtsev S.V.
No title (P. 244 - 246)
No authors

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