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2011, Vol.4, 4
Numerical modeling of thermomechanical behavior of semi-crystalline shape memory polymers (P. 5 - 10)
Golotina L.A., Shardakov I.N.
Identification of permeability tensors of a heterogeneous anisotropic fractured porous reservoir (P. 11 - 19)
Gubaidullin D.A., Nikiforov A.I., Sadovnikov R.V.
A mathematical model for deformation of BCC single crystals taking into consideration the twinning mechanism (P. 20 - 33)
Kondratev N.S., Trusov P.V.
Parallel solution of the elastic-plastic problem using a tridiagonal algorithm for LU-decomposition from the ScaLAPACK library (P. 34 - 41)
Konovalov A.V., Tolmachev A.V., Partin A.S.
Solution of the problem of dynamics of highly viscous, incompressible media and its application to modeling the stess-strain state of the Earth's tectonosphere (P. 42 - 51)
Kosygin V.Y., Pyatakov Y.V.
Influence of vibrations on hydrodynamics of melt during Bridgman crystal growth (P. 52 - 62)
Lyubimov D.V., Lyubimova T.P., Ivantsov A.O.
Optimization of the geometry of compound elastic bodies with aim to improve strength test procedures for adhesive joints (P. 63 - 70)
Matveenko V.P., Fedorov A.Y.
Calculation of the parameters of surface acoustic waves in piezoelectrics using the finite element method (P. 71 - 80)
Osetrov A.V., Nguyen V.S.
Numerical analysis of the stress state of specimens made of three-dimensional reinforced composite (P. 81 - 85)
Osheva I.Y.
Linear flow in an elastoviscoplastic cylindrical layer under single side adhesion conditions (P. 86 - 96)
Panchenko G.L.
Influence of orientation of mechanical properties of composite materials on dynamic fracture of monolithic and spaced targets (P. 97 - 106)
Radchenko A.V., Radchenko P.A.
Computational procedure for determining the limiting values of the loading parameters of mechanical systems (P. 107 - 113)
Struzhanov V.V., Burmasheva N.V.
Analysis of recent trends in the development of computational continuum mechanics based on publications from one relevant journal (P. 114 - 124)
Trufanov N.A.
A singular element of the graph model of an elastic medium in a cartesian coordinate system (P. 125 - 136)
Tyrymov A.A.
No title (P. 137 - 139)
No authors
No title (P. 140 - 142)
No authors

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