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2018, Vol.11, 2
Binary alloys separation in thin capillaries (P. 125-136)
Demin V.A., Mizev A.I., Petukhov M.I.
Stress concentration around cavity in elastic half-space (P. 137-147)
Kalentev E.A.
The criterion of elastoplastic fracture of a structured plate with a sharp V-notch (P. 148-161)
Kurguzov V.D., Astapov N.S.
Waves with negative group velocity in cylindrical shell filled with liquid (P. 162-174)
Filippenko G.V.
Solution of the convective heat transfer problem in a screw coordinate system (P. 175-184)
Razuvanov N.G.
Bifurcations and stability of steady regimes of convective flows in an inclined rectangular cavity (P. 185-201)
Sagitov R.V., Sharifulin A.N.
Evaluation of the possibility of equalizing the fluid temperature in a hydrolevelling system by mixing (P. 202-213)
Lekomtsev S.V., Tsvetkov R.V.
About estimation of sensitivity of statistical multilevel polycrystalline metal models to parameter variations (P. 214-231)
Shveykin A.I., Sharifullina E.R., Trusov P.V., Pushkov D.A.

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