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2015, Vol.8, 1
Two-dimensional model of mesoscale processes in the lower atmosphere with allowance for inhomogeneity of temperature and air humidity (P. 5-15)
Shvarts K.G., Shvarts Y.A., Shklyaev V.A.
Influence of a hydrothermal system on ground deformation during volcanic eruption (P. 16-23)
Zarin G.A., Melnik O.E., Tsvetkova Y.D., Afanasyev A.A.
Utilization of high order DRP-type schemes and large eddy simulation based on relaxation filtering for turbulent gas flow computations in the case of Taylor-Green vortex breakdown (P. 24-34)
Koromyslov E.V., Usanin M.V., Gomzikov L.Y., Siner A.A.
Continuum models in dynamics of granular media. Review (P. 35-59)
Goldshtein R.V., Kuznetsov S.V.
Parameter-free numerical method for modeling thermal convection in square cavities in a wide range of Rayleigh numbers (P. 60-70)
Goloviznin V.M., Korotkin I.A., Finogenov S.A.
Three-dimensional coupled numerical model of creeping flow of viscous fluid (P. 71-80)
Pak V.V.
Modeling and numerical calculation of piston-like oil displacement for doubly-periodic systems of field development (P. 81-92)
Astafiev V.I., Kasatkin A.E.
Atomization modelling using adaptive mesh refinement modeling liquid jet atomization using adaptive mesh refinement (P. 93-101)
Sipatov A.M., Karabasov S.A., Gomzikov L.Y., Abramchuk T.V., Semakov G.N.
Numerical simulation of the dynamics and strucure of a diffusion-driven flow on a wedge (P. 102-110)
Dimitrieva N.F., Chashechkin Y.D.

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