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2014, Vol.7, 2
Numerical modeling of viscoelastic behavior of filled rubber vulcanizates (P. 115-121)
Solodko V.N., Svistkov A.L., Pelevin A.G.
Numerical simulation of harmonic multiples generation by a group of plasmonic nanoparticles (P. 122-134)
Serebrennikov ..
Numerical study of the fast rotation effect on the stability of advective flow in a horizontal fluid layer with rigid boundaries at small Prandtl numbers (P. 135-141)
Chikulaev D.G., Shvarts K.G.
Numerical calculation of the optimum shape of a body of revolution moving at steady speed in the soil environment (P. 142-150)
Kotov V.L., Linnik E.Y.
Behavior of a cylindrical bubble under vibrations (P. 151-161)
Alabuzhev A.A.
Singularities in using Vic-3D Digital Image Correlation software and its application to the study of inelastic strain fields (P. 162-171)
Tretyakova T.V.
Numerical methods for solving the problem of polymer crystallizing media deformation taking into account finite deformations (P. 172-180)
Kulikov R.G., Kulikova T.G.
A two-level model for describing the nonisothermal deformation of two-phase polycrystals (P. 181-199)
Trusov P.V., Kondratev N.S.
Stability of ternary mixtures mechanical equilibrium in a square cavity with vertical temperature gradient (P. 200-207)
Lyubimova T.P., Zubova N.A.
Study of visco-elastic-plastic properties of thermoplastic polymers. An integrated experimental and theoretical approach (P. 208-218)
Garishin O.K., Korlyakov A.S., Shadrin V.V.
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