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2013, Vol.6, ¹4
Computational modeling of failure of textile composites (P. 389-402)
Dimitrienko Y.I., Sborschikov S.V., Sokolov A.P., Shpakova Y.V.
Three dimensional model of the runup of nonlinear surface gravity waves on the shallow water coastal slope (P. 403-409)
Abbasov I.B.
Modeling of finite deformation process in anisotropic bodies (P. 410-419)
Khristich D.V.
Modeling of flows in porous media related to underground carbon dioxide storage using high performance computing systems (P. 420-429)
Afanasyev A.A., Melnik O.E., Tsvetkova Y.D.
Simulation of mixing different temperature jets using CABARET method (P. 430-437)
Zaitsev A.M., Semenov V.N., Shvetsov Y.E.
Numerical solution of boundary-value problems for quasistatical flow of viscoplastic medium with negative strain rate sensitivity (P. 438-450)
Keller I.E.
Study of vorticity and helicity distribution in advective flow with secondary structures (P. 451-459)
Evgrafova A.V., Levina G.V., Sukhanovskii A.N.
Numerical simulation of thermal processes in the elements of MHD-pumps used for transferring liquid metals (P. 460-466)
Golotina L.A., Glot I.O., Khripchenko S.Y., Shardakov I.N.
Plastic strain localization and fracture mechanisms of metals subjected to dynamic loading (P. 467-474)
Sokovikov M.A., Bayandin Y.V., Lyapunova E.A., Plekhov O.A., Chudinov V.V., Naimark O.B.
Numerical and experimental study of thermomechanical behavior of glassy polymers in the case of large deformations (P. 475-482)
Tikhomirova K.A., Trufanov N.A., Shardakov I.N.
Numerical modeling of non-equilibrium heat and mass transfer processes in a reactor for the production of porous titanium (P. 483-490)
Tsaplin A.I., Nechaev V.N.
A two-level model for description of steel behavior under thermomechanical loading in the range of martensitic transformations: algorithm for implementation of the model (P. 491-503)
Isupova I.L., Òrusov P.V.

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