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2013, Vol.6, ¹3
Lifting regimes of thermal plumes in vertical layer (P. 261-268)
Gavrilov K.A., Demin V.A., Popov E.A.
Numerical modeling of unsteady behavior of stratified fluid with immersed solid inclusion in a high-frequency vibrational field (P. 269-276)
Lyubimov D.V., Lyubimova T.P., Ponomareva K.V., Khlybov O.A.
Simulation of screw–press oil extraction as a set of two processes: incompressible viscous mixture flow and fluid filtration in porous medium (P. 277-285)
Petrov I.A., Slavnov E.V.
Numerical modeling of nonlinear processes of damage accumulation due to cyclic loading (P. 286-291)
Bondar V.S., Danshin V.V., Semenov P.V.
Application of high-order schemes for modeling the process of braking of supersonic flows in rectangular channels (P. 292-299)
Lipanov A.M., Karskanov S.A.
Numerical simulation of the aeroelastic interaction between compressor blade and subsonic airflow in three-dimensional approach (P. 300-308)
Rusakov S.V., Shuvaev N.V.
Software package "COMPOSITE-2D" and its use for calculating the stress-strain state of different ensembles of inclusions in elastomeric composites and their effective properties (P. 309-316)
Evlampieva S.E., Parkaeva E.A., Svistkov A.L.
The problems of research of stochastic and dynamic properties of system with Lennard-Jones potential by means of molecular dynamics method (P. 317-327)
Golovnev I.F., Golovneva E.I., Fomin V.M.
Non-negative entropy production criteria for numerical simulations of flows in porous media (P. 328-335)
Afanasyev A.A., Melnik O.E.
Non-linear waves in coaxial cylinder shells containing viscous liquid inside with consideration for energy dispersion (P. 336-345)
Blinkova A.Y., Blinkov Y.A., Mogilevich L.I.
Application of three-dimensional numerical study in air-blast atomizer designing (P. 346-353)
Sipatov A.M., Karabasov S.A., Gomzikov L.Y., Abramchuk T.V., Semakov G.N.
Numerical solution of the hydrodynamics problem with a curved interphase boundary (P. 354-363)
Rukavishnikov A.V.
Analysis of wave propagation in underground gas pipelines in the context of the problem of designing the intelligent monitoring systems (P. 364-372)
Tsvetkov R.V., Shardakov I.N., Shestakov A.P.
Thermo-elastic-plastic processes with finite deformations (P. 373-383)
Rogovoy A.A.

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