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2013, Vol.6, ¹2
Primary processing of experimental data of modern testing machine for identification of rheological models (P. 131-139)
Adamov A.A.
Inelastic interaction and splitting of strain solitons propagating in a granular medium (P. 140-150)
Erofeev V.I., Kazhaev V.V., Pavlov I.S.
Discontinuous Galerkin method in fluid dynamics problems with nonsmooth solutions (P. 151-156)
Chugunov A.V.
On the collision of two elastic solids with plane boundaries (P. 157-167)
Burenin A.A., Dudko O.V., Potianikhin D.A.
Numerical simulation of the effect of rotating magnetic field on heat and mass transfer during AHP semiconductor crystal growth (P. 168-175)
Lyubimova T.P., Khlybov O.A.
On the dynamics of micropores in incompressible viscoelastoplastic media under active loading and subsequent unloading (P. 176-186)
Kovtanyuk L.V., Murashkin E.V., Rogovoy A.A.
Energy aspects of axisymmetric wave propagation in an infinite cylindrical shell fully submerged in liquid (P. 187-197)
Filippenko G.V.
Adaptive algorithm for fields storage in calculations of dynamics of continuous media with history or time delayed feedback (P. 198-206)
Zakharov A.P., Bratsun D.A.
Study of liquid metal flow and passive impurity transport driven by a traveling magnetic field in a rectangular cavity (P. 207-213)
Oborin P.A., Khripchenko S.Y.
Modeling of three-dimensional motion of deformable droplets in stokes regime using boundary element method (P. 214-223)
Abramova Î.A., Itkulova Y.À., Gumerov N.A.
Effect of macromolecular entanglement on the simple shear flow of viscoelastic fluid (P. 224-231)
Kuznetsova Y.L., Skul’skiy O.I.
Damaged medium model for evaluating the durability of structural steels subject to fatigue–creep mechanisms of degradation (P. 232-245)
Volkov I.À., Volkov À.I., Korotkikh Y.G., Tarasov I.S.
Construction of finite-difference scheme for simulation of flows in porous media under near-critical thermodynamic conditions (P. 246-255)
Afanasyev A.A., Melnik O.E.

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