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2012, Vol.5, ¹4
A new iteration method for the calculation of the multi-leaf spring (P. 371-376)
Osipenko M.A., Nyashin Y.I.
Modeling of the linear thermoviscoelastic behavior of rib-reinforced polyfoams. The structural model (P. 377-391)
Yankovskii A.P.
Numerical method for solving the inverse problem of oil reservoir development under elastic water drive conditions (P. 392-396)
Gamzaev K.M.
Local energy fluxes of forced vibrations of a thin elastic band (P. 397-404)
Kouzov D.P., Mirolubova N.A.
2D and quasi-2D DNS of turbulent convection in vertical layers (P. 405-414)
Teymurazov A.S., Vasiliev A.Y., Frick P.G.
Boundary element analysis of stress state at the bridged zone of an interface crack (P. 415-426)
Perelmuter M.N.
Numerical solution of generalized dynamic axisymmetric problems for elastoplastic shells of revolution under large deformations (P. 427-434)
Bazhenov V.G., Pavlyonkova E.V., Artemyeva A.A.
Applicability of the local interaction model for determining nonlinear-compressible soil resistance to sphere penetration (P. 435-442)
Kotov V.L., Balandin V.V., Linnik E.Y., Balandin V.V.
Modeling of structure and failure processes of granular composites (P. 443-451)
Ilinykh A.V., Vildeman V.E.
Numerical study of polymer fluid flows in the channel of a screw extruder using one-and two-dimensional models (P. 452-460)
Subbotin E.V., Trufanova N.M., Shcherbinin A.G.
Model of leakages through radial clearences in a single screw extruder with linearly changing geometry of screw (P. 461-468)
Petrov I.A., Slavnov E.V.
Experimental benchmarking of CFD codes used in simulations of heat exchangers for nuclear-power applications (P. 469-480)
Bolshukhin M.A., Vasiliev A.Y., Budnikov A.V., Patrushev D.N., Romanov R.I., Sveshnikov D.N., Sukhanovsky A.N., Frick P.G.
Simulation of hydrodynamics and convective heat transfer in microchannels (P. 481-488)
Minakov A.V., Lobasov A.S., Dekterev A.À.
Congratulations (To the 60th birthday anniversary of A.V. Vakhrushev) (P. 489-490)
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